Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Allied Clean Care is a certified carpet cleaning company that provides customized carpet cleaning to remove grime, odors and stains with our exclusive process. Clean tile floors means cleaner air and a healthier home!

Tile Cleaning Experts

Allied Clean Care is a certified tile cleaning company that specializes in hard floor surfaces. Our super steam gets deep in the cracks and crevices of your grout to make it super clean. “We Make It Fresh & Clean With Super Steam!”

You Have
Really Dirty Floors

The floor of your residential home, or the commercial building that you work in, is a large surface that you interact with day in and day out. And because it's directly in your personal zone, long-term, it can have a direct effect on your overall health and wellness. A dirty carpet is full of hazards that you would certainly be better off without. Depending on the age and materials of your carpeting, the degree of the negative health affect varies but is always present. And not just your carpeting but any indoor flooring material is prone to collecting grime, mold and bacteria. All the while showing the ugly stains and smudges and skid marks from our loving pets. Sadly, for all of the dirty things you can see and smell from your flooring, there is a whole lot more that is hiding from plain sight. Yes, you have really dirty floors. Most of us do.

We can identify a dirty floor, but other elements are not seen, such as your indoor air quality. Think about how many hours you spend breathing in the air of your home or work place. Think about how many square inches of surface area the flooring represents. Now combine that with how dirty the floors are and you soon realize the importance of routinely deep cleaning the floors of a residential or commercial building.

We Really Clean Floors
Allied Clean Care are certified professionals that really care about your health. And we really clean floors with a passion. It's what we do and we are really good at restoring a dirty unhealthy floor by making it safe and clean for your kids, and pets, and Aunt Betty, too. When we say that we clean floors, we really mean it. Just give us call at our Panama City Beach office. We will come to your residential or commercial building and get to work. We specialize in carpeting and tile cleaning but are highly-skilled at cleaning most any indoor surface. You have really dirty floors and we really clean floors. What a perfect match we make.

We Make The Floor Cleaning Process Easy
As the floor cleaning professionals for Bay and Walton Counties, Allied Clean Care is here to make the floor cleaning process easy on you. Don't stress it, just give us a call and allow our friendly staff the chance to care for your carpet and tile cleaning needs. From the moment you call we will care for you. Put our proprietary floor cleaning process to the task of cleaning your floors and we will rise to most any challenge. We have seen it all and we have cleaned it all. From the most basic stain on a place rug in your dining room to a multi-story commercial building, Allied Clean Care is ready to make your floors and indoor air quality fresh and healthy.

Steam Cleaning Professionals
Cleaning Services Home and Office

When it comes to being clean and sanitary, steam is about as best as it gets. Steam cleaning brings about quick results with quick recovery times (drying and using your space again). Steam cleaning provides a safe way to clean carpeting, tile & grout, upholstery, and area rugs. Our truck mounted system creates super steam for that deep down super clean only steam can provide. Our steam cleaning process will provide visible results that restore the beauty while absolutely ensuring a safe and sanitary surface for your loved ones to enjoy. Steam is environmentally-friendly and will kill and remove bacteria and dust mites from the carpet, tile, grout and more.

Carpet Cleaning


Allied Clean Care provides professional, high-quality, steam powered carpet cleaning services.

Tile Cleaning

Tile & Grout

Allied Clean Care offers tile & grout cleaning, for home or office, that cannot be surpassed.

Upholstery Cleaning


Allied Clean Care is your professional upholstery cleaning company in North Florida.

Area Rugs Cleaning

Area Rugs

Allied Clean Care makes dirty area rugs really clean with the super power of steam.

Allied Clean Care
Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Allied Clean Care is a IICRC Certified carpet and tile cleaning company. Dirty carpets are yucky and need to be cleaned. Not only are they unpleasant to look at but they are full of dirt, grime, bacteria, dust mites, and more. Our professional steam cleaning team will provide you with the highest quality carpet and tile cleaning services. Our technicians are highly-trained to handle all kinds of flooring materials and surfaces. Our technicians and service representatives are kind, caring, and attentive to every detail.

Now is a great time to refresh your indoor space while improving the air quality and total enjoyment of your home or office. Give us a call today to discuss your residential or commercial steam cleaning needs.

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